MLA Exam info Seminar Friday

22/10/2021 10:30 am

Duration: 2 hours

Location: Ryton Suite

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Restricted To Trading Locksmiths Only. You may be requested to provide proof of this, if no proof is available your attendance on the course may not be possible.

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Gary Eckersall

MLA President Gary Eckersall has been in the profession since leaving school at the age of 15yrs, serving an apprenticeship with HS Gillespie Locksmiths in Liverpool, he eventually bought the company and now runs 2 Locksmith businesses in Merseyside. Gary has been actively involved with the MLA for 20 years in various capacities including Chairman of the Association. Gary is also heavily involved with the Technical and Training Committees of the Association, as well as being an MLA tester, tutor and inspector, and helping to improve the training modules and exams which are constantly changing. Whenever given the opportunity he is happy to pass on his knowledge to the members and students of the Association to promote the skill level of its membership.