Tool Sharpening (Drills and Chisels)

22/10/2021 10:30 am

Duration: 2 hour

Location: Pattingham 1

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John Harding

John Harding has been in engineering one way or another since he left school in 1959. First as a Panel Beater, he then managed a hand tools store for around 10 years in the 70s/80s, selling hand tools, cutting keys and repairing locks and repairing, refurbishing and selling used hand tools. In 1990 he bought the Keymaster franchise for Bristol passing the BLI exam in 1994. He ran Keymaster (Bristol) until 2011 when he retired. Since then he has retrained as a trainer for safe use of abrasive wheels and grinding equipment to PUWER 1998 and has also found his previous tool shop experience invaluable in the re-sharpening, hardening & re-tempering of chisels and other hand tools.

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor started in the industry in the 1970’s and has always had a fascination for the combination lock and the lineage of the locks as they progressed from only being considered ‘secondary locks’ to being trusted to fully lock safes and vaults in banks. Chris has owned his own company in Manchester since 1989 and is a past National Chairman of the Association and currently is the Northern Region chairman. As well as being a current MLA teste, tutor and member of the training committee, Chris sits on various technical committees and has recently served on the N.O.S. working group helping to write the training standards for the industry.