How to Toe & Heel a UPVC Door – SOLD OUT

22/10/2023 1:00 pm

Duration: 1 Hour

Location: Pattingham 1

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Andy Kennedy

Andy has worked with UPVc for the past 36 years and in that time, he has acquired a wide and varied knowledge of the workings of UPVc doors, windows and locking mechanism’s.

He has furthered his skills in the art of Locksmithing over the past 20 years and during that time, he has gathered a good knowledge in general locksmithing carrying out benchwork, outside work and also extended his knowledge in the safe openings and repairs in the profession of a Locksmith.

He has been a tutor for the MLA over a number of years, passing on his skills and knowledge in demonstrating the working methods required to carry out all areas of openings and repairs to the UPVc door and window market and he has written and built classes for the MLA on all aspects of UPVc locks and repairs and he has been instrumental in writing the UPVc manual for students and Locksmiths who enrol on his classes.

Michael Maloney

Michael has been a working locksmith for 19 years and during that time, he has enhanced his Locksmithing career and skills to encompass all the works within the UPVc market.

He has an extensive knowledge of the works involved in general locksmithing as well as the UPVc side of all locks, doors and window mechanisms, having worked with Andy Kennedy over the years and they have built an comprehensive range of working knowledge and tips to help anyone wishing to extend their skill levels of carrying out works repairing, opening jammed mechanisms and repairing/replacing gearboxes etc in the UPVc market.

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